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Salt Therapy for Snoring

What is snoring?

Snoring refers to the sound that is made by some people while sleeping. Some people might snore loudly while others make slower and softer sounds. Snoring is a result of the vibration of the soft tissues in the upper airways. This also includes the nose and the throat. When a person breathes in, he draws some air inside and this air causes the vibrations and the snoring sound. Most people have snored at sometimes due to different reasons. However, there are some people who snore habitually. There are certain causes of snoring. The most common amongst them is a presence of a partial obstruction in the throat or nose. This makes it difficult for the air to move in the passage, causing turbulence leading to vibrations and the snoring sound. As the person suffering from snoring does not get a good sleep while his body also compromises on the oxygen levels, snoring leads to irritability and lethargy.


Effects of snoring on Kids, Adults and Seniors


Snoring can occur due to many reasons, the common amongst them being obesity, nasal congestion, enlarged adenoids and tonsils or even hypothyroidism. Alcohol or certain medications acting as muscle relaxants worsen the snoring sound. Snoring can have a detrimental effect on the quality of sleep. This is not for those who snore in a mild sound but for those who snore loudly and regularly. As time progresses, the obstruction due to which snoring occurs can lead to breathing difficulties. Due to an enlarged obstruction, a bigger effort is needed to breathe and this also produces a louder sound. As the breathing is incomplete, the oxygen level in the blood drops, leading to interruption in sleep. Also, prolonged series of snoring has been linked to carotid artherosclerosis, that is, narrowing of blood vessels in the neck region. As the vibrations cause an impairment to the carotid arteries, these are at a bigger risk for increased plague.

Saltroom Therapy for Snoring at Spirocare

Saltroom Therapy also known as halotherapy is a non-surgical procedure which helps in varied respiratory disorders. Snoring, as is related to respiration, responds well to the Saltroom therapy. Salt therapy is a drug-free procedure which is gentle on the patient’s body. It helps to cleanse the body of the toxins resulting in a fit, well and healthy life. A salt room is a specifically planned room, which is laden by salt from all around. While sitting or relaxing in a Saltroom, the patients experience easiness in breathing, instantly. That is because, the dry, tiny particles of aerosols enter the respiratory system through the nasal passage to the lungs. Salt is known to be a good anti-inflammatory agent along with some anti-fungal and anti-bacterial characteristics. This in turn helps the airways to get rid of the congestion. Also, as salt kills bacteria and fungus during inhalation, the inflammation in the airways is reduced providing good relief to the patient. The dry salt reduces the vibrations and in turn reduces snoring intensity. When the Saltroom therapy is continued for a recommended time interval, the airways open and the inflamed region is healed leading to better sleep for the patients and their partners.


Many specialists will recommend Saltroom therapy at a typical frequency alongside the medications. A best value package can help you save while taking the Saltroom therapy for a particular time interval. As salt room therapy is a complementary treatment, it hardly has any side-effects. Many a times, the snorer suffers loss of sleep which can lead to drowsiness and fatigue the next day. This may interfere with the day-to-day activities. Not only this, snoring can have an adverse effect on relationships as loud snoring can interrupt a partner’s sleep. Salt room therapy is a support therapy which ensures reduction in the symptoms and thereby makes life easier. It is safe and easy treatment which does not have any side-effects.