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Salt Therapy for Seasonal Rhinitis and Sinusitis

What is seasonal Rhinitis and Sinusitis?

Seasonal Rhinitis and Sinusitis refers to a condition, where the nose and the nasal area gets infected. The nasal area and the passages get inflamed to give certain symptoms. The major symptoms include signs similar to cold symptoms like congestion in nose, sneezing and runny nose. Sometimes, some patients also complain of itching and a nasal drip. In Sinusitis, the sinuses get filled with fluid instead of air as in normal conditions. Pain, fullness and numbness in different parts of face especially near the nose and the forehead is a very common symptom of sinus. Most of the times, seasonal rhinitis is accompanied by respiratory tract infections and sinusitis with cold and flu symptoms. Seasonal Rhinitis is a long-term, on-going disease or ailment which aggravates and alleviates throughout. The good news is that rhinitis and sinusitis can be controlled through alternate therapies.


Effects of seasonal Rhinitis on Kids, Adults and Seniors


Most children get very irritable with the facial pain, watery discharge from the nose and the fact that they have a hard time breathing normally. In addition to this, eyes also water in some individuals which can make it difficult to carry out day-to-day activities. Throats turn soar and especially in children, it is possible that their ears also hurt. Some individuals suffering from rhinitis complain of itching through the respiratory organs. In children, the sleep is disturbed and a common issue with rhinitis is breathing through mouth as nose gets blocked. Adults and seniors have a hard time concentrating on their work during the day time due to fatigue and disrupted sleep pattern. While seasonal rhinitis can be sporadic it can also be a continuous ailment depending on the presence of allergens. Allergens can be present in the environment in different concentrations, making the individual suffer accordingly.

Saltroom Therapy for Seasonal Rhinitis at Spirocare

Salt has been known to be a bacteria killer since ancient times. Salt has been advised as a teeth cleaner and used as a very effective disinfectant. In the salt room therapy, salt has been used to cleanse the respiratory system. This salt room therapy, also known by the name of halotherapy is popular as a complementary remedy for varied respiratory as well as skin problems. The therapy consists of a procedure where the respiratory system gets exposed to the salt fumes.  As the salt micro particles enter the respiratory system through inhalation, they put their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to work. The region, that is the nasal passages and the ducts are cleared out and the inflammation is reduced. The mucus also gets reduced with frequent salt room exposures. This way an individual can take advantage of the healing properties of salt through this effective therapy which works fast and alleviates the trouble-some symptoms associated with the respiratory disease like the seasonal rhinitis and sinusitis. Most patients respond to the therapy almost instantly, getting back to their routines without much delay and worry through this easy and helpful treatment. A salt room resembles the ancient salt caves which were used by the earlier people for healing purposes.


The room is loaded with salt from all sides and just looks like an enclosed salt chamber. Sitting and sleeping arrangements are available for the patients to relax and take advantage of the therapy. Soft music and agreeable atmosphere make the experience relaxing and peaceful. A rejuvenated individual gets out from a salt room to face the world with new vigor. The salt room is maintained through a daily cleaning routine and ventilated according to the professional terms and rules. Thus, the salt room offers several safe and hassle-free features for the patient. An individual needs to visit the salt room as per the recommendation of his/her physician depending upon the gravity of the symptoms. As seasonal rhinitis along with sinusitis can be severe and take a toll on person’s wellness and health, salt room therapy comes to a quick rescue.