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Salt Therapy for Ex-Smokers

Breathing difficulty in Ex-Smokers

People believe cancer is the only prominent disease caused by smoking. But smokers who do not have cancer suffer from different major problems such as restlessness, bad breath, anxiety and irritability, high cholesterol, heart diseases , immune system, unhealthy teeth, low sense of smell and taste , regular coughing and so on. There is a layer of tar produced from smoke deposited in the lungs and respiratory track of the smokers. And even after an individual quits smoking it is very difficult to get completely rid of these impurities present inside the respiratory system. Presence of such impurities has a long term effect on smoker’s body even after quitting smoking cigarettes. The immune system is adversely affected and in many cases mild weakness is also observed and it is result of the difficulty in breathing arrived due to collection of tar particles generated due to smoking.

Salt Room Therapy for Ex-Smokers


Smoking leads to different breathing problems. Many diseases such as chronic cough, croup, bronchitis and many others are all caused because of smoking, which are all respiratory diseases. People who have already quit smoking can also be affected by these diseases. The possible remedy is to get rid of all the residuals of tar particles and other harmful substances which are introduced in an individual’s body through smoking. Medication is one of the options but people many a times have experiences of adverse effects due to strong medication. Other remedy is known as salt room therapy.

In salt room therapy, tiny salt particles are induced into the body so that they enter the respiratory track. It is entirely a natural process; there is no medication or surgery involved in this process. By the virtue of its high absorbing tendency, the salt particles absorb the residual salt particles. Salt room therapy is a normal breathing process; hence it does not require any medicines.

Halo therapy is another name for the salt room therapy. The salt particles are anti inflammatory in nature, anti histamine and antibacterial properties, and this is why they are used in this therapy. The negative ion in salt particles are excellent healers, hence they also enhance the immune system.

In the therapy, there are therapy chambers with the comfortable seating arrangements. The appearance of chamber is like salt caves due to presence of a large amount of salt deposited in the chamber. Cleaning of the chambers is done on regular basis, after every session, the chamber is sterilized and property detoxified. The salt room therapy has proved to be an excellent method for various sorts of breathing problems in a very short period of time. Its effectiveness is remarkable and accepted worldwide. In the present scenario, there are various medical practitioners who recommend salt room therapy to the patients who are facing breathing problems from a long period of time. Soon enough, it will replace the medication that give good results but gradually degrade the immune system.

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