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Salt Therapy for COPD

What is COPD?

COPD is the abbreviation of the disease called as a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease also called as chronic bronchitis or emphysema. It is known to be a progressive disease as the gravity of the disease goes on increasing as the time progresses, in other words, the symptoms worsen over a period of time. Many times, COPD is accompanied by coughing and the cough produces large quantities of mucus or phlegm (slimy flowy substance) The primary reasons for the affliction of COPD point towards smoking. There could be other factors involved like the common lung irritants like air pollution, chemical smoke, and other dust allergens. The patients experience extreme difficulty in breathing while sometimes a typical sound while breathing makes it problematic to be in social surroundings. Regular Salt room therapy can steadily heal the lung airways and provide relief.
Now that we are aware of the disease, we move ahead to discuss the effects of the disease.

Effects of COPD on Kids, Adults and Seniors


While for a normal person breathing comes naturally without any effort, the same cannot be said about the people suffering from COPD. Most of them breathe with an effort. This is because the airways in the lungs do not support the easy inflow and outflow of the air as the air pathways along with the tiny air sacs lose their elasticity to a certain extent. The walls of the airways get spoilt and do not perform up to the mark. At the same time, the walls resist airflow by thickening and becoming inflamed. The air cannot pass through the clogged airways, leading to persistent coughing and discomfort to the patient. Eventually, the airway walls get damaged, losing its shape and elastic nature in the process. Thus, the gas exchange process cannot be carried out efficiently and the lung capacity is affected due to this. The Saltroom offers a high concentration of salt particles for inhalation and steadily heals the lung airways.

Salt Room Therapy for COPD at Spirocare

Saltroom therapy, also called as halotherapy is a natural remedy against respiratory diseases including asthama and COPD. It is known to decrease the uneasiness associated to the disease, like the coughing, congestion and breathing problems. The therapy involves the process of inhaling salt through the breath. The Saltroom is an enclosed space which is laden with salt all around. The room is maintained at a controlled temperature and humidity, ensuring maximum calm and comfort to the patients. The high concentration of salt particles offers an ideal environment for the healing process of the lung airways. The salt particles enter the airways when the patient inhales in the environment, and start the healing process. They help by accelerating the process of clearing the mucus. The airways in the lungs are cleared and purified which is an essential step in providing relief to the patients suffering from COPD. Steadily, with regular exposure to the Saltroom environment, the patients experience lesser symptoms of COPD. They experience clearer and easy breathing along with relief in coughing and congestion. Steadily, the bronchial inflammation is reduced through the use of Saltroom on a regular basis.


Thus, the Saltroom therapy acts as a preventive measure against aggravated symptoms for that time period. It also helps in reducing the frequency of attacks and thereby helps the patients to carry on with their routine chore with limited dependence on strong medications used in treating COPD. The salt inhalation helps in widening the airways while clearing the mucus and slowly heals the bronchial tubes. Thus, this natural and safe method is a beneficial procedure and can be undergone by patients of every age group. Salt room therapy helps in reducing the use of inhalers and antibiotics. Patients find a considerable relief while breathing after a couple of sessions. All in all, the therapy consistently works on improving the lung function and providing significant respite from the troublesome symptoms of COPD.

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