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Salt Therapy for Bronchitis

What is bronchitis and chronic bronchitis?

Bronchitis is a disease related with respiratory system in which there is swelling or inflammation of the bronchial tubes (bronchi), the air passage between lungs, nose and mouth. People suffering from bronchitis have a reduced ability in breathing as due to swelling the respiratory track gets smaller than normal. More precisely bronchitis is a condition in which the lining of the bronchial tubes become inflamed. Chronic bronchitis is a result of continuous irritation and damage of the air way tissues, respiratory organs and lungs. Smoking and long term exposure to air pollution are considered to be the main causes of chronic bronchitis. Bronchitis and chronic bronchitis are air borne diseases and has tendency to spread easily. Although it is a short term disease and can be resolves within few days, a proper diagnosis and medication is suggested from the health experts.


Bronchitis and chronic bronchitis in kids, adults and seniors


Bronchitis is caused by swelling or inflammation of the bronchial tube, by bacteria, viruses, mucus particles present in air due to sneezing of an infected person, or other irritant particles present in atmosphere. Small children due to weaker immune system are more likely to get infected by the pollutants when exposed to such atmosphere. They experience difficulty in breathing and pain in the respiratory track. Individuals experience regular cough ( which may produce mucus), low fever and chills, body ache, sore throat, chest tightening, headaches, blocked nose, breathlessness on heavy work, wheezing, sinuses, etc. chronic bronchitis is an effect of repeated irritations and damage of lung and airway tissues which is often found in adults and seniors . The main cause of chronic bronchitis is smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco or long term exposure to air pollution, dust and fumes from the environment and also repeated episodes of bronchitis.

Salt room therapy for bronchitis and chronic bronchitis at Spiro care

Salt room therapy or halo therapy , treats respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, chronic bronchitis,  chronic cough, asthma, and other respiratory related illness by help of very tiny salt particles entering our respiratory system . This non-surgical process  is one of the best way to treat symptoms associated with bronchitis and chronic bronchitis naturally and yes, it doesn’t have any side effects. In this therapy patients are made to sit in a room, full of small particles of salt, which enters in the respiratory track and clean it. This entire process involves normal breathing of patient. Salt is used in this therapy because of its antibacterial, anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties. Small salt particles break down the mucus particles and cause effortless breathing.  Salt also kills bacteria which are responsible for the generation of mucus, and this is possible because of its anti-bacterial property.

The negative ions of salt are known for their healing properties. The unique properties of salt are known from early 1990’s. The negative ions of salt minimize airborne diseases.


At Spiro Care, we have comfortable sitting arrangement for our patients, where they can relax and enjoy their salt room therapy for bronchitis. Get a feel of salt cave as the room is completely full of salt particles. Complete cleaning of room is done after each session, for reducing the possibility of infection transfer from one patient to other. Make your immune system better and give your respiratory track a healthy treat with our salt room therapy. This therapy is completely natural and is free from any after effects.