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Salt Room Therapy for Asthma

What is Asthma?

Asthama is one kind of a lung disease in which the person experiences breathings problems, and coughing due to inadequate supply of air to the lungs. It has been known to be a long term or a chronic disease. As we already know, it is an ailment of the airways contained in the lungs. In Asthama, these airways become blocked due to inflammation and the pathways are narrowed. Generally, the individual suffering from this disease has great difficulty in breathing due to obstructed airways. During an attack, he might complain of chest tightness accompanied by bouts of persistent coughing. The person experiences shortness of breath, and sometimes, the breathing process becomes noisy producing a whistling sound. This noisy breathing is also called as wheezing. The attacks occur more frequently in the nights or early mornings.

This disease continues to affect millions, anyone from small children to elderly people can be suffering from asthama.


Effects of Asthama on Kids, Adults, and Seniors


Salt room therapy is a simple, non-surgical treatment for treating patients with asthama or other respiratory and skin disorders. It is also known by the name as Halo therapy. People undergoing this therapy, are made to sit in a salt-laden (mineral salt) room and relax. The room has a comfortable atmosphere with temperature and humidity control. As the salt particles pass in the affected airways they begin to heal the air-passages. A person might feel that he is entering a salt cave as the walls, floors and the roofs are laden with salt. Adults, children and elderly can relax on the massage beds to experience good comfort in controlled climate condition as the healing starts. This is an extremely natural therapy which has a minimum or no side-effects as such. Such a salt therapy is recommended to children, pregnant women, and senior citizens as well. The lights are kept low and a relaxing music is played in the background. The most common concern is regarding the germs in the salt room itself, but as we know, salt absorbs bacteria according to its natural properties and the entire room is almost covered with salt, thus the salt room is almost completely sterile.

The salt room is adequately ventilated after each session in order to ensure that the area remains germ-free. People suffering from varied skin and respiratory ailments have been reported to benefit from the salt therapy all over the globe. It is actually observed that children even infants respond quickly to the salt therapy. The therapy is a simple and safe treatment; however, it is essential that it is carried out with a complete understanding while following all the precautionary measures for quick and effective treatment.

Saltroom Therapy at Spirocare

The airways in the lungs change as they come in contact with allergens, in other words, the airways in the lungs become sensitive to certain substances like dust particles, smoke or other allergy causing odors and substances. In children, the symptoms of this disease include wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing and chest tightness. In adults and seniors also, the symptoms are similar, might vary according to an individual. Doctors have to monitor the disease and keep it in check with regular measures, since the condition might worsen all of a sudden. Doctors generally present the parents, patients and caretakers with a typical response plan. Likewise, daily treatment and pointers to identify the early symptoms of an attack are also given to the patients. It is advised to prevent or at least minimize the exposure to the allergens in the usual settings like home, school and other places. Treatment procedures vary with age and gravity of the disease.