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Salt Room Therapy for Allergies

What are Allergies?

Allergies , also known as allergic diseases is a condition caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system of individual’s body of something in the environment or surrounding which causes very little or no effect on others immune system . These diseases may be related to skin problems, problems in digestion, respiration, blood and so on. Mainly the causes for allergies are all natural. The common symptoms seen are fever, wheezing, skin itching, sudden drop in blood pressure, restlessness, cough, watery eyes, shortness in breathing, chest tightness and so on. Allergies are hypersensitive immune responses to the substances which come in contact or enter the body of an individual who is allergic to that specific substance. These agents have differed effect on different bodies. Allergy is a response of an individual’s body immune system to a harmless substance present in the atmosphere.


Effect of allergies on kids, adults and seniors


Effect of different allergies cannot be predictable on kids, adults or seniors specifically as they do not have a specific pattern. A specific substance can be harmful to the immune system of a specific individual irrespective of his age. Allergies can be of different types such as based on hygiene, due to stress, food particles, genetics, and toxic interactions with the protein particles, medications, latex and other environmental factors. In children most of the cases are witnessed due to food allergy which may be due to dairy products, meat or other specific ingredients. The symptoms of allergies may include an itchy rash, red eyes, swelling in specific body parts, runny nose, and shortness of breath and so on. In the present time the reports for allergies is increasing gradually day by day in all parts of the world.

Salt room therapy for allergies at Spiro Care

Millions of people suffer from different allergies and still the number goes on increasing day by day. Allergies affect the immune system adversely and medication is not one of the best options to cure it. Asthma and hay fever are some of the most common allergies, and hence salt room therapy can be a great option. Salt room therapy, which is also known as halo therapy , by its name itself cures respiratory diseases such as croup, chronic cough, asthma, and many other allergic diseases by help of very tiny salt particles entering our respiratory system . It is a non surgical process which helps cure the symptoms associated with different allergies in a complete natural way to its root. In the salt room, patients are exposed to very tiny particles of salt which enter the respiratory system helping to cleanse and detoxify it. This happens just by normal daily breathing. Salt is used in this therapy for its high tendency to absorb; it is a natural antibacterial, anti histamine and also an anti inflammatory substance. The tiny salt particles entering the respiratory system break up the solid mucus particles and hence improve the breathing. Being an antibacterial itself they kill the germs and bacteria which cause the production of mucus and inflammation. As there is least use of medication involved in salt room therapy, the immune system is automatically improved gradually with the therapy.


The concept of salt therapy is not new, even it is been popular right from early 1990’s. Salt comprise of negative ions which fight with several respiratory illness. At Spiro Care, special care is taken for patients. We cater proper sitting arrangement to each patient for making their therapy a special one. Time-to-time cleaning of room is done for maintaining the basic hygiene.  Come and give a special treat to your body with our salt therapy for allergies, as we are in this field for years, and our experts have a deep knowledge about this treatment, sufficient to revitalize  your mind and body.