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Our Vision

Drug free respiratory care at affordable cost.

Our Mission

To establish a chain of drug free therapy modular rooms to reach out to maximum population and offer most effective respiratory care at the lowest cost.

Halo therapy is the fastest growing supplementary drug free therapy for respiratory problems. Presently there are more than 3500 centers across the world with maximum centers in Europe and American continents. Rising pollution level, consequential increasing number of cases of respiratory problems across the globe are driving the demand up for respiratory care. Halo therapy or salt room therapy proved to be the most effective supplementary to drugs for the treatment of respiratory problems. More and more people are therefore moving towards drug free halo therapy otherwise salt room therapy for respiratory health care. At SPIROCARE we offer highly specialized drug free therapy under technical support from Solni Tempelj, Slovenia a world pioneer in Salt Room Therapy and equipment.
We are also the sole distributor for Prizma range of Halo generators and other medical devices for India.

We ensure to way benefit to our clients.

  • Breathe well: The Salt Therapy helps respiratory ailments by reducing congestions, cleaning the lungs and eliminating the toxins.
  • Feel well: The salt produces negative ions that promotes brain chemistry changes to improve mood, release stress, boost energy and help sleep.